Carrie Freeman


SecondMuse Chair

I fundamentally believe that the world will be a more just and peaceful place when gender equality is achieved. The tech industry is one of the most influential industries of our times and has an outsized opportunity to advance equality.”

Leslie Lynn Smith


Senior STRATEGIC advisor

I long for a world that is just, inclusive and loving and this work gives me the opportunity to the bend the arc of local economies in that direction.  The community of humans that share this space with us convince me that what we imagine is possible in spite of myriad daily data points that would otherwise challenge that hope.”

Dorian Spears


Director, STRATEGY & Partnerships

“The work is important because tech is ever present in our lives and having a more inclusive ecosystem and opportunities to have a high quality of life should be experienced by all who want to participate. While the sector has strong representation of white males, it is long overdue to strengthen it by supporting a more inclusive ecosystem.”

Casey Koppelson



“Having worked in the tech industry and understanding its outsized impact on our lives, it pains me that women and women of color are so underrepresented. I believe that we can create a more equitable future with more women, trans and non-binary people leading and shaping the development of new technology.”

Sarah A. Outland


Director, Research

“I do this work because I believe decisions and ideas should be backed by data and insights, and not just what those in power believe to be the right solutions.”

Elle Ramel



“I do this work because I want to make sure that women/non-binary technologists and founders have an unbroken professional journey with resources, finances and support.”

Toia Santamarina


Program director, get cities miami

“Creating more visibility, pathways to funding, and connection for diverse women, trans, and nonbinary tech workers and entrepreneurs matters to me because it is not the kind of work that can be done isolation — addressing entrenched gendered barriers is work we do in collaboration with/co-designed with other stakeholders within the tech ecosystem in Chicago.”

Carley Mostar


DIRECTOR, Strategic communications

“With a deep commitment to using narrative to create sustainable social impact, I do this work to change the perception of what it means to work in tech and what it means to do equity and inclusion work more broadly. What we believe determines what we do, and I’m here to try to help ground those beliefs in justice,”

Allison James



“I’m motivated by the possibility of transforming the tech industry into a more inclusive one. The opportunity of changing the perspective of how a “good tech prospect” should look and open the scope to everyone wanting to join this industry, regardless of gender, background, or even race.”

Christina L. Glancy



“I was raised in a matriarchal family and shaped by women who exude excellence. I am doing my part to honor the shoulders of the women I stand on and elevate the voices and positions of the next generation.”

Victoria Ferrari



“Equity work is important since improvements in the field bring opportunities to all and improve the quality of life for all those involved.”

Lugh Jonah


senior associate, research & impact

“I do this work to advance the inclusion of as many intersecting identities as possible. I believe in empowering others through community building & lifting up the voices & needs of the communities we serve.”