Sharing our constantly evolving approach based on research, relationship, and pilot iteration

Conversations and relationships are at the core of everything we do.

From communicating regularly with people who have been historically excluded to distributing our findings and best practices— we believe in full transparency and the importance of bringing everyone together to reach our collective goals. Shared knowledge elevates us, leads to equity across all sectors, and is one of the throughlines for the GET Cities Theory of Change. 

Our Theory of Change shares how utilizing evidence, insights, and the lived experiences of marginalized voices can ignite a chain reaction to true change.

Our Theory of Change – a living tool that connects what we do to what we expect to achieve in the long run



Here, we’re sharing the latest reports, news and resources from on-the-ground research and experience from the GET Cities team and our partners.

Technologist Retention at the Intersections

GET Cities’ first-of-its kind research on the experiences of women, trans, nonbinary, and genderqueer technologists – particularly those who are also Black or Latina/e – aims to learn more about why technologists of multiple identities choose to stay in their jobs, move to better opportunities, or leave the industry all together.