Ensuring an inclusive tech industry requires us to address all aspects of being in the workforce, from training, to entry, retention, advancement and leadership. Our interventions across our three cities address both sides of the pipeline – preparing talent for jobs and preparing leaders and companies to find, attract and retain them – while also working to optimize the environment toward equity and justice.

Chicago, DC, Miami

This initiative serves as an umbrella term for all our training and partnerships that prep historically excluded candidates for entering, advancing and thriving in the tech workforce. From bootcamp scholarships to online workshops, resource hubs to curated talent matches, GETHired works to increase access to the industry for marginalized talent.

DC, Miami

This intervention was designed for our most innovative tech leaders to hire, retain, and uplift women, trans, and nonbinary employees at their companies. Now across both DC and Miami, GET Champions includes 1:1 executive coaching, virtual training on supporting historically excluded people on their teams, and invitations to personalized hiring events.


This pilot brought together an incredible group of 20 Chicagoland technologists to build community and advance their careers. From UX designers and developers to data scientists and researchers, GET Fellows acted as a boot camp to build portfolios and networks for early career technologists to kickstart opportunities for the newest generation of tech talent. It also led to the collaborative design for what would become GET Exploration.


 This evolving intervention grew out of the GET Fellows as a way to scale the opportunity from 20 to 50 in its first adaptation and then over 150 the following year. GET Exploration Day 2022 provided an opportunity for early career tech professionals to learn about and join extracurricular groups working to advance equity in tech, learn from amazing speakers with shared lived experiences, and solve problems together. The current Tech Equity Network is evolving GET Exploration for 2023. 



Join us in revolutionizing the tech industry, one initiative at a time. With the support of our visionary programs and a powerful network of leaders, we can create a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive future for all.