GET Cities is proud to work in the DC Metro Area as its second hub. DC is a top tech city for women and has the ingredients that we believe are central to the collaborative approach we need to bring more gender equity into the tech industry. 

Why DC

DC offers unique opportunities for tech professionals in sectors such as security, government, and health, along with many influential companies and startups across sectors that have offices located in the nation’s capital and in the DC Metro Area region. Since there is already significant work being done around equity in tech in DC, we believe there is opportunity for accelerated impact.

Our Local Collaborators

Break Through Tech is partnering with both George Mason University (GMU) and the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) – two of the largest and fastest growing computing programs in the United States – to deliver its flagship programs to incentivize, encourage, and support more women to pursue and complete bachelors degrees in computing. These programs include innovative curriculum, partnerships with industry to help students land paid tech internships, and programs that introduce Break Through Tech participants to a network of both students and professional women in tech.

George Mason University is known for its rapid growth, opportunity for students, its diversity, and for being an engine driving northern Virginia’s economy.

The University of Maryland, College Park is the state’s flagship university and a global leader in research, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Future Collaborators

GET DC is currently forming relationships with influential local organizations working to build on, support and scale the strong inclusivity work already being done in DC.

GET DC is looking to partner with organizations, agencies, companies and universities that are interested in and committed to closing the gender gap in tech. 

News & Events

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