I’ve already put forward four new ideas to the sponsors of the Women in Leadership ERG in my organization on how to increase participation in diversity events and gain more allies. These were very well received and those sponsors have gotten me a meeting with a senior executive that they believe can get these moved forward. I can say without a doubt that I will be a much more effective agent of change because of this program!

– Dana Wheeler, Oracle, IT Director – Oracle Saas Cloud at Customer

GET Champions is designed exclusively for forward-thinking tech leaders seeking to increase and retain women, trans, and nonbinary employees in their companies.

15 selected cohort members will receive exclusive access to virtual training and curriculum, executive coaching, and participate in a series of invite-only hiring events over six months with local and diverse facilitators, mentors, and accountability partners.

Cohort members will also hear from women leaders from South Florida’s largest companies as they explore strengthening leadership and reputation through allyship, framing, and setting metrics for their organization, and retaining diverse, high-performing teams.

100% of participants are more confident in their ability to create inclusive and equitable spaces that they did not previously. They also have gained confidence in hiring and retaining diverse talent and leading and growing equity efforts for women, trans, and nonbinary tech professionals in their companies.

86% of participants have grown their teams or are on the path of doing so.

What will the GET
Champions be focusing on?

  • Deepening their knowledge around gender equity issues in the workplace and develop increased self awareness and allyship in women, trans, and non-binary people’s representation in tech
  • Having meaningful, actionable conversations with tech leaders driving change in their own companies
  • Gaining access to talented tech candidates through exclusive hiring events
  • Implementing best practices to improve gender equity within their company
  • Strengthening, building, and sustaining long-term leadership, allyship, and vision with the support of an executive coach
  • Becoming a more thoughtful and effective manager for women, trans, and non-binary colleagues
  • Driving significant improvements in gender diversity metrics that increase your bottom line and company reputation

Curriculum Overview

+ Key Dates

The program’s curriculum and participant experience is developed collaboratively among the region’s best-in-class facilitators and content developers to bring interactive and reflective learning and sharing experiences.

Candidate Eligibility

about our GET Champions

100% of participants rated the program highly valuable, emphasizing its pivotal role in fostering substantial growth and elevating leadership experiences

100% of participants voted one-on-one coaching as one of their highest-rated skill building opportunities of the program

The Talent Connect was an event aimed at connecting our GET Champions cohort to women, trans, and non-binary job seekers within the tech industry. This event included pre-screening and matching resumes and profiles of talent to our Champions and offered valuable face-to-face networking opportunities between our Champions and the women, trans and nonbinary talent they were looking to expand within their teams.

“Participating in this program has allowed me to extend opportunities within my community network such as the talent connect. Being able to showcase that these diverse/inclusive spaces can be made readily available and do exist allows me to push the envelope. I’m encouraging others to seek these spaces and join them as they DO exist.”

- Anais Aguero, Iron Hack

Meet our GET Champions

Corporate Changemakers

Maria Dominguez

Head of Special Programs, Global

Iñigo Quejigo López

Senior Vice President, Technology LAC

stefanic gioino

Project Manager

Michelle Mora

Manager of Diversity and Inclusion

Lesly Simon

Corporate Responsibility

Ecosystem Builders

Brittany fox

Chief Operating Officer

Julie vallejos pasco

Executive Director

anais aguero

Student Success Senior Manager

tech companies


Vice President, Chief Operating Officer + Business Development


Director, SAAS Cloud at Customer

tech innovators

lisa lacascia

Head of People

kelsey rumburg

Director of Operations

chuck walter


Tena Palomino + Mig Escobar

Director of People Operations

“It’s so important to be able to share and calibrate with experienced and impartial allies when looking to implement change or tackle sensitive/difficult challenges. These sessions helped me do that.”

- Tena Palomino, Temp Mee

GOOGLE.ORG Head of Economic
Opportunity, Americas

Chief Commercial Officer


Coach and Spiritual Life Coach

Transactional Skills Program At The
University Of Miami School Of Law Director

OKR COACH Strategy & Operations Manager



Executive Director

VP of Experience Design

Global Partnerships Lead

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