A select group of forward-thinking tech leaders committed to advancing gender equity at work

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“GET Champions is exactly what’s needed for founders and executives who are committed to engaging with, hiring, and retaining an increasingly diverse set of talent.”

– Craig Newmark, Founder of Craig Newmark Philanthropies and craigslist

Introducing GET Champions

GET Champions is designed exclusively for forward-thinking tech leaders seeking to increase and retain women, trans, and nonbinary employees in their companies.

Selected fellows will receive exclusive access to virtual training and curriculum, executive coaching, and participate in a series of invite-only hiring events over 12 months with the Last Mile Education Fund.

Fellows will also hear from women leaders from the capital region’s largest companies as they explore strengthening leadership and reputation through allyship, framing, and setting metrics for their organization, and retaining diverse, high-performing teams.

The inaugural cohort is facilitated by Emmy-winning filmmaker, author, and activist Loki Mulholland, with a goal of increasing the pool of diverse talent in each tech leader’s company. In the process, we will transform the Capital region’s larger landscape of tech that too often disproportionately minimizes historically marginalized groups.

What are the benefits of being a GET Champion?

  • Deepen your knowledge of best practices to improve gender equity within companies

  • Have meaningful, actionable conversations with tech leaders driving change in their own organization  

  • Get executive coaching from professionals who have done this work within F500 companies  

  • Increase your organization’s access to talented tech candidates through a series of exclusive hiring events with GET Cities and The Last Mile Education Fund   

  • Drive significant improvements in gender diversity metrics that increase your bottom line and company reputation

Competition in the tech industry is increasing…

CEOs and senior executives are expected now more than ever to build companies that compete on financial performance, talent acquisition, and inclusive, resilient work environments that spur creativity, innovation, and opportunity.

Diverse companies regularly outperform those that are not, with research showing that women in senior roles are not just “nice to have” but linked to excess stock market returns and superior corporate profitability.

Despite this, only 25.1% of executive or senior-level officials and managers at S&P 500 companies are women, and only 4.6% of those companies have women CEOs, according to the McKinsey Global Institute. 

The data is clear. Tech leaders who close that gap will win.

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