GET Cities Announces Hack for Impact Dinner Series Final Event

GET Cities will hold a final event to celebrate the completion of the Hack For Impact dinner series centered on innovation and collaboration in the DC ecosystem

WASHINGTON, D.C., UNITED STATES, November 13, 2023 – GET (Gender Equity in Tech) Cities DC is excited to announce the end-of-year wrap-up event for Hack For Impact, a series of themed dinners with the goal of initiating impactful discussions and action plans centered on the long-standing problems of equity in tech. The event will be held November 16-17, 2023 at the National Union Building in the DC area.

Aligned with GET Cities’ commitments to expanding access to tech jobs and entrepreneurship, along with capital and capital deployment for historically excluded communities, the Hack for Impact dinner series brought thought leaders, changemakers, influencers, and beyond to one room to design solution-focused action plans. Individuals had opportunities to bridge the gaps across the full ecosystem while finding solutions for problems that impact women, trans, nonbinary, and other historically excluded people in tech in the Washington, DC region.

The Hack for Impact dinner series focused on furthering GET Cities’ mission of shifting power to marginalized technologists, with various themes like accessibility awareness, mental health, and angel Investing.

“Ecosystem development work takes time, intention, and community of the right people to do the work with you. The collaboration I’ve seen since 2021 is the fuel needed to power the engine of change needed in our region. I’m grateful for the humans I get to be in this change with. They make the effort I put in worth it,” said Christina Glancy, Program Manager at GET Cities DC.

One of the dinners focused on Founder Wellness and was facilitated by Mental Health Therapist Marsha Evans. The discussion encompassed layered topics, including mental and physical health challenges, the creation of a supportive community, and the lack of resources and access to quality health care.

Leila Bournes, who attended the event, stated “#HackforImpact Dinner series has been a space for connecting and new opportunities. I’ve personally learned so much and have kept in touch with many folks I met through this series.”

Another dinner, held in July, brought awareness to the lack of deaf workers in the cybersecurity field. Angela Dingle, founder of DEAFCYBERCON, ensured collaboration and comprehension were at the forefront of this experience to allow the people in the room to bridge this gap in the workforce. She led participants through a simulation where the hearing people in the room had to wear earplugs and masks to interact with each other without using their voices. This immersive experience set the tone for solution-focused conversations.

The final wrap-up event will celebrate the impact of the entire series and highlight the individual dinners that took place over the year. The event will be held on November 16th and 17th, featuring a mini hack event and presentations, Power Talks, presentations from GET Cities leadership and industry thought leaders, reflection on the entire series of dinners, meditation, and time for networking and relationship-building. To learn more and to register for the event, click here.

About GET Cities

GET Cities is a national initiative designed to accelerate the power and influence of historically excluded people and places in tech through ecosystem alignment and activation to build a more equitable and vibrant economy. GET Cities launched in 2020, powered by SecondMuse Foundation, with catalytic funding from Pivotal Ventures and in partnership with Break Through Tech, and we are currently seeking additional investors and partners to implement interventions based on our pilots and learnings.

About SecondMuse Foundation

SecondMuse Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that advocates for a different approach for building inclusive and resilient societies and economies, which is referred to as relational wealth. It draws learning from the experiences of our partners, other organizations and communities around the world to advance the approach to a larger audience. The Foundation contributes to thought leadership, field building, and the creation of public goods on relational wealth. We seek to empower a community of practitioners and influence funders to better understand relational wealth and how it can be harnessed to benefit all people and the planet.