Tech Equity Working Group Celebrates Past Successes and Opens Door For National Discussion

GET Cities’ Tech Equity Working Group is hosting an open national meeting to discuss pilot programs and the state of equity in the tech industry.

CHICAGO – October 5, 2023 – GET (Gender Equity in Tech) Cities Chicago is thrilled to invite leaders and practitioners in the tech ecosystem nationwide to join the Tech Equity Working Group’s National Call on October 19, 2023.

GET Cities’ Tech Equity Working Group is dedicated to promoting equity and inclusivity within the tech sector. By fostering a collaborative environment and supporting innovative pilot programs, TEWG has witnessed tremendous successes and is excited to share the learnings and progress with the broader community.

During this open meeting, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about past pilot accomplishments out of Chicago, including the deployment of $1 million of funding this past May to five local organizations after successfully scaling projects they had previously piloted. These achievements are a testament to the collective power of the TEWG members and their commitment to advancing gender equity in the tech entrepreneurship industry.

In addition to celebrating past successes, the National Call will delve into the latest developments with both new and ongoing pilot projects. Attendees will have the chance to gain insights into the new initiatives and how these collaborations are contributing to the pursuit of equity in tech and how other regions and sectors can replicate what’s been started in Chicago.

“This year has already been an exciting, challenging, and rewarding year for us at GET Cities,” says Elle Ramel, the Director of GET Cities Chicago. “We’ve been able to make progress through spinning out pilots into local organizations, and we’re eager to see the ripple effects to come. We’re looking forward to sharing what’s worked and what hasn’t in Chicago as well as hopefully sparking interest for other cities to try to build something similar.”

The TEWG National Call will take place on October 19, 2023 and promises to be an engaging and informative event. Individuals and organizations passionate about fostering gender equity in tech are encouraged to participate and contribute to this important discussion about collaborative co-designed and aligned solutions.

Interested parties can register for the event at

About GET Cities & The Tech Equity Working Group

GET Cities is a national initiative designed to accelerate the power and influence of historically excluded people and places in tech through ecosystem alignment and activation to build a more equitable and vibrant economy. GET Cities launched in 2020, powered by SecondMuse Foundation, with catalytic funding from Pivotal Ventures and in partnership with Break Through Tech, and we are currently seeking additional investors and partners to implement interventions based on our pilots and learnings.


Tech Equity Working Group (TEWG), powered by GET Cities Chicago, is an alliance of 24 accelerators, incubators, funds, and mission-aligned ecosystem supporters designing city-wide solutions and collective infrastructure to address gender and racial inequities for tech founders in Chicago.